'Team Up'

'Team Up'

Saturday, August 9, 2014

'Team Up'



20 Min AMRAP

Overhead Hold(135/95)/40 Push Ups

Knee Hold - L Hold/60 Burpees

Plank/80 Situps

Wall Sit/100 Wall Balls



15 Min

1)Run with KB (53/45) 1000m/Every 20 Seconds 20 Air Squats

2) Then, As Many Box Jumps Your Team Can Make in remaining time (20')

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1. Tien wrote:
In short, they're using that grip because they aren't cnenailg the bar; they're doing the Continental, an older weightlifting movement. The Continental was eventually supplanted by the newly-invented clean, much like the old face-first high-jump was supplanted by the more efficient Fosbury Flop. If you're lifting with an axle bar, however, as they are in this video and as strongmen are required to do in competition the limits of ballistic grip strength and the changes in the speed at which weight rotates around the axle prevent a lifter from using more standard clean form.I think it's reasonable to question whether it's safe or smart to train for or compete in strongman competition in the first place much as I think it's equally reasonable to question whether it's safe or smart to train for or compete in any number of other sports. I have real concerns about rock climbing, the luge, and even squash, for example. However, to use this as a representation of CrossFit, or to critique the quality of the movement in the video, is ignorant and incorrect on both fronts. This isn't a CrossFit movement at all, but a strongman movement. And, within that context, it isn't being coached or performed poorly, but being done remarkably well for a set of novices.CrossFit has its problems, certainly. But straw man attacks made without understanding all the facts don't strike me as the best way to address those.

Thu, March 26, 2015 @ 9:25 AM

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