About a year and half ago, one of our fellow
athletes, Scott Harvey, walked into our Box. 
As usual, and as  I ask all of you
guys how are you doing, I asked him that question and Scott responded, “It’s the best day of my
life.”   I was a little surprised by his response and
asked what happened that day that was so special, which made it the best day of
his life –  and he simply said, “I
woke up this morning, nothing special, I have some challenges, but it could be
a lot worse.  So it’s the best day of my
life” , he said again with a smile on his face, and then he gave me the
famous Harvey Hug!

Those of you that know me, know that I try my best
to generally look at things positively, and often encourage you all to do the
same.  But Scott’s salutation that day
and many days to follow is exactly what 
I expect out of my warriors.  Many
of you are CrossFitters for many reasons, but we all have a common DNA thread
that gives us a desire to push ourselves and move toward making ourselves better.  We like the feeling of crossing the threshold
of giving up – but we don’t.  We fight.

So when you start to getting frustrated over double
unders, or missing a PR, or just missing that kipping pullup – don’t
despair.  Keep fighting and Be Strong.  There will be days, that 105 moves very easy,
and then another day that it feels heavy as 225.  Keep fighting and Be Strong.  And days that you will not be able to squat
low, or run that 400m as fast as you normally run.  Keep fighting and Be Strong.   There will be days that you think you cannot
finish the WOD.  Keep fighting and Be
Strong. Whatever your battle is for that day, and I mean that day – keep
fighting and Be Strong.

Be strong , for are not
here to play, dream, or drift.

We have hard work to do,
and heavy loads to lift.

Shun not the struggle
for it’s God’s Gift – Be Strong!


Remember you are blessed and as Scott says,
“It’s the best day of your life!”