Gather Around the Lieboard, I Mean the Whiteboard”

the very first time I began CrossFitting, the Whiteboard has been the center of
all the athletes attention.  In most
cases it indicates the WOD and warm up, and most of us draw our attention to
the observable results of our fellow athletes. 
There lies (no pun intended) the problem.  Although the purpose of the board is to track
progress, reflect integrity, and accountability,  sometimes what is written and how one
perceives it can cause conflict.  But as
the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, has said a million times, “Men
will die for points!  Meaning, knowing
that what you will do will be posted on the board for everyone to see has a
strong psychological effect on athletes – in a positive way it could push you
to work harder, set goals, encourage better form, motivate others to go hard, etc.  Or in a negative way it can be intimidating, create
self doubt,  and negative criticism.”

words from Mr. Glassman!  As we evolve in
this sport, unfortunately the “Lieboard” is often used in the wrong
way and can ultimately be divisive to our Box and detrimental to our
Community.  We have those athletes that
honestly miscount, and those that deliberately miscount reps.  We have those athletes that judge other
athletes based on their score or time, and may not even know the circumstances
that they performed in.  We have those
athletes that force themselves to do a heavy weight that they aren’t quite
ready for because another athlete did it, and we have those that won’t do a particular
weight because another athlete on the board didn’t do that weight.

here’s the deal – the “Whiteboard” is there as a guide and a way for
individuals to track their own individual
.  It’s ok to gauge your
performance on others but your training should not solely be based on it.  Let’s make sure we do the following:

Stay in your lane and if there is any doubt about a weight or movement, discuss
with the coaches.  I want you to be
challenge but it should be realistic;

Have integrity and make sure to the best of your ability you give an accurate
account of your time, rounds, and reps;

Remember, if you made a mistake, you made a mistake – it’s not the end of the
world, because hopefully no matter what, you had a good workout;

STOP worrying about other athlete’s time, rounds, and RX’s.  If something is misrepresented, again it’s
not the end of the world or a reason to attack your fellow athlete http://ladiesloot.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/smiley-face-1-4-15.png ;

Follow up to point #4 – As my mother always said, “If you don’t have
something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.  This is OUR community and being a stickler on
what’s on the whiteboard is so immature. The CrossFit Community is like no
other fitness community and to that end we must be sure to encourage and

Use the whiteboard to ensure that you are making some progress and a way to
discuss with coaches on how to get better and determining what you need to work

the goal of the Whiteboard is to elicit positive psychological responses,
motivation, positive self criticism, and self confidence – in other words a
tool for improvement.  I hope you all can
be on board with this – if not, ask yourself a hard question – Is this sport
really for you?