Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lurong Living Challenge – WOD#4
‘Nautical Nancy’

Time Cap and Strategy Notes:

This is
a twist on the classic benchmark workout “Nancy”. My
recommendation is to pick a skill level that gives you the best chance to go
unbroken on the overhead squats. The workout is designed for the weight to be
light enough to keep moving, so if you are going to have to break up the sets
into 3 sets of 5 you might consider dropping down a level.
You are going to want to push yourself on the rower. Sometimes we can
get lulled into pacing ourselves too much. That being said, don’t try to set
any PR’s on the first round. With 5 rounds expect the workout to get real in rounds 3 and 4. Keep moving
and the athletes with efficient overhead position on the OH squats will be

Good Luck,
Neal Maddox

5 rounds of the following movements with a 17 minute time cap:

   Row 400 Meters

      15 Overhead

Level I – PVC Pipe

Level II – 65/45

Level III – 95/65