Behind the Blue Door

Being a Coach at CrossFit Sanctuary is the only job I have
ever had that I couldn’t wait to get up the next morning to go to work.  Not because everything was perfect and rosy, not
because there are no issues or challenges, and certainly not because all of our
members are cooperative and obedient. 
But it’s another chance for me to witness so many wonderful things.  Behind that Blue Door, I have seen
friendships flourished; I have seen people who never picked up a bar before in
their life do things with that bar that they would never imagine; I have seen
athletes go to the brink of giving up, until another athletes walks up and
cheer them on and they are able to finish or complete another rep; I have seen
our members exceed lifts and times that now puts them on another level of
performance; I have seen people accomplish things they said they ‘can’t’ do
(paid the obligatory penalty in the can’t jar) and turned around did exactly
what they said they couldn’t do. 
Absolutely amazing, and that’s why I love what I do, and why I get
excited when I walk through that Blue Door every morning.

I encourage you all to be optimistic about your
accomplishments, your challenges, and more importantly your failures.  All three of these elements are the
attributes that pushes us and we should embrace them all.  It’s only when we embrace all three
attributes that we are able to soar and meet our goals.

Over the last few weeks, many of us have met many challenges
performing the OPEN. Some have done terrific, overcame fears, PR’d lifts, and
proud to say – ranked a place on the Regional Learderboard.  And then there are some of us who are
disappointed in our scores and performances. 
We have beat ourselves up because our acts did not meet up with our and
other’s expectations.  I say to all of
you who are singing that song – PHOEEY!!! 
The OPEN, or any competition, or WOD is about exploring what you are
made of.  We train hard and all of us do
great things.  Everyday can’t be your
day; Every WOD can’t be your WOD!  Get
over it and get ready for the next challenge. 
We must keep all of this in perspective – have a moment that you are
upset or down, but it must not dictate who and what you are.  How you move on and get ready for the next
day, the next challenge says more about your character than anything else.  No performance in a WOD is worth being sad or
depressed, worth being angry at judges and your friends, yourself, or Bernie.
And certainly isn’t worth hearing anyone say derogatory and negative thoughts
about who and what they are because a few things that challenge you.

Here is the biggest consolation of being a small  but important part of our CrossFit Community
and Sanctuary, and that is – God willing you will have one more day to walk
through that Blue Door and attempt to do great things – even if it’s just to
give someone a smile or hug who may desperately need it.  You will have one more day to push yourself
beyond limits, make yourself mentally, emotionally and physically strong, or one
more day to spend time with a great group of athletes and people.  What’s the alternative – being sick, working
out alone, having no goals, or maybe not have the ability to even workout.

My friends, just walk through that Blue Door and believe at
CrossFit Sanctuary we do the extraordinary ordinary!!!