‘It’s Not About Me’

Through my walk
in Faith I’ve learned that when you give a testimony of your challenges,
experiences, and trials it becomes a tool to help and inspire others.  So this Transformation story is not about me,
but the hurdles we all can overcome. 
From childhood, I was a big kid – plain and simple.  Like most, all of my life I made excuses and
justified why I was big.  Does this sound
familiar? – “I’m just a big guy”, “I come from a family of heavy people”, “I
don’t like to lift weights”, “I have big bones”, “I don’t have time to work out”,
“I watch what I eat…and I just can’t lose weight”. I heard and used them
all.  I was somewhat active most of my
life, love to dance and box, but I was in love with food.  And even when I thought I was eating healthy,
I was misinformed as to what eating healthy really means.

By the time I
was in my early 30’s my weight fluctuated from 235 to 245  (all justified of course …lol) although I was ‘working
out’.  And then my health started to
decline.  Whenever you have a health
scare it’s enough to make you take exercising seriously, and that I did after
quickly ballooning to 270lbs.  So much
so, I became a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.  Through this part of my journey I learned
that I HAD TO MOVE MY BODY – no matter what. 
And although my weight became more manageable and kept my health issues somewhat
under check, I was still missing out on the nutrition part by falling into
trends, diets, etc.  Aesthetically I looked
good, but I was missing out on properly fueling my body and that wasn’t helping
my health.

Then I found
CrossFit…a new journey.  CrossFit not
only provided me with the normal attributes of functional training, sports
performance, and keeping me fit, but it also introduce me to proper
nutrition.  An attribute that I’m still
learning about as I age, become more athletic, and have greater demands on my
body.  Fueling myself properly along with
exercising has made a huge difference in my ability to cope with my health
issues.   As I manage an autoimmune disease which causes
all kinds of havoc on my body, I have learned that being educated on what I put
in my body is key for me to remain healthy – as it should be for anyone in any
circumstances – even everyday life.

So here are
some key thoughts … you don’t have to do CrossFit or a BERN BABY BERN class,
but you MUST do something.  Diets do not
work, you must work hard to reprogram your eating behavior.  Don’t deprive yourself and truly know what
moderation means.  Seek help!  Just because you joined a gym doesn’t mean
you will be doing the right things.  Hire
a competent trainer and/or nutritionists to work with your goals.  I’m in the business of saving lives – saving you
from yourself!  Start a fitness program
today and learn how to properly eat for everyday living and even high

If I can do this,
anyone absolutely can!!!  In one week we
will be starting our Nutritional Challenge at CrossFit Sanctuary.  This could be your chance to hit your restart
button – I’m here for you!  We will
conquer this challenge together.