Be Motivated – Be Blessed!!

Since May, I have posted various motivational videos to our Daily WODs with the hope of inspiring and more importantly telling the story of those people who are confronted with challenges – challenges for these people depicted in these videos are everyday things that we take for granted. Just take a moment and go back a few weeks and you will see how some have overcome weight and health problems and avoiding the ills of hanging out in the streets. And then there were the stories of men and women who the world would call ‘old’ doing amazing things in CrossFit and their lives. Athletes who use their abilities to touch others less fortunate. Let’s not forget those heroes giving their lives for our country and serving to protect us, and those individuals who fight physical challenges.

As I greet all of our members each day, I often hear complaints about their day, a pain or ache they may prevent them from Rxing a WOD, or expressing their unhappiness about their performance that day or even the whole week. I certainly listen with compassion and try to offer advice, guidance, and support – but I often think about that athlete that is so overweight that he can’t run and wish he could run – when some of us complain about running; or that athlete that lost a limb serving our country and their greatest dream is to do one pull up – when some of us get upset because we only did one pull up; I think about that athlete that wants to come WOD everyday because they know it will keep them off the streets and give them something positive to do – when some of us ‘cherry pick’ which days we are coming to WOD; and I can’t forget the elder athlete that keeps moving no matter what – and athletes that are much junior to the older athlete complains that the WOD is too long.

I get it – we all have our challenges and none is any less than anyone else, but I hope these stories will keep all of our challenges in perspective and make us realize at the end of the day – WE ARE BLESSED!!! And do not take those blessings for granted. Just because you can train today doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to have the ability to train tomorrow. CrossFit is a wonderful vehicle to stay heathy and fit, bond with great people, and to enhance your everyday life – but again, if you are physically and financially able to CrossFit and belong to a great community – you are blessed!

I end by sharing a story of a good friend who unfortunately lost his leg in a horrible car accident – that’s not the end of his story, as he pulled himself up to achieve things that people with all four limbs could not do. He is serving as a mentor and inspiration to so many people, including me, that I applaud him for his bravery, perseverance, and commitment. Check out his story on the clips below.