From the Mind of Bernie:

Every day that I come to work, I feel that I’m totally surrounded by Heroes. Those individuals that come through that Blue Door willing to experience a fitness challenge — heroes in a sense that they are facing fears, pushing themselves across thresholds of the unknown, willing to train hard even though they are not quite sure of what they really can do – until the end of the WOD. I watch you guys walk up to that whiteboard to assess, strategize, complain (lol), and embed in your mind that you can do this. You guys put on your hero capes and begin going down that path of completing another “Constantly Varied High Intensity workout.’ And I’m proud of you all!

But among us, there are those heroes that truly stand out because of their sacrifice to serve and help others beyond what is expected. Those that give their lives when called upon. I like to recognize one of those heroes who was recently honored among his peers of the Fire Dept. of NY for his heroic efforts. Although this athlete is strong, his strength is shown more through his humbleness, quietness, and compassion. Qualities that I believe contributes to his actions as a hero and a good friend. Angelo Sacco received the Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia Medal for his leadership and bravery during a raging fire in Brooklyn. As the article below describes, Angelo led his company not only into an active fire to perform search and rescue, but was confronted with saving an unconscious victim.

“…Lieutenant Sacco operated under rapidly deteriorating fire conditions. His leadership and decisive actions directly resulted in the lifesaving rescue of occupants of the fire building. FDNY recognizes his heroic actions by presenting him with the Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia Medal.”

Please join me in congratulating our very own Angelo Sacco!!! Three Cheers for Angelo!!!

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