It Takes A Vilage…

I know it sounds like a cliché…but we are that village.  This weekend was EPIC!!!  We were able to collect enough turkeys and food to feed 75 families.  My fraternity brothers (Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc) delivered baskets we prepared to these families Friday evening and Saturday morning along with many other baskets that will help the Brooklyn and Long Island area.   These families all send their deepest thanks to you.  You should be proud that throughout the year our Box has been involved in multiple programs that have and will feed families all throughout Long Island.

And then we mobilized as one team to execute a top rate national competition to raise money for the Bright Pink Foundation created to bring awareness and fight Breast Cancer.  As 35 teams gathered to fight for the top spot on the podium – serving as Hosts, Pit Crew, Medics, and Judges, and even competitors, CrossFit Sanctuary rose to the task to give each athlete the best competition experience they have ever had.  I am so proud of each person who participated in the production of this event in some way or the other.  

There are far too many names to mention who participated in this EPIC weekend, and I’m afraid that my old brain may forget someone. So if you – helped cleaned the Box, packed baskets, donated food, shopped for food, loaned us your truck, moved and cleaned equipment, loaned us your equipment, and/or greeted our guests – I thank you!!!  If you participated as a judge, a parking guide, took pictures, part of our Pit Crew, or was a part of our Vendor Squad that donated gifts – I thank you!!  If you gave an encouraging word to us and our staff or was just in the Box to support our efforts – I thank you!!  If you competed in GGRX I congratulate you and thank you!!!

We came together as that “Village” to help our Long Island Community that was in need, and those in the battle of their lives fighting Breast Cancer and produced a competition that has set a standard for GGRX and other competitions to come.  I have said this before – great things happen when we step through that Blue Door.  The best of us arises and we unite to create a fabric so strong that WE are capable of anything.

Again, I thank each one of you individually and collectively.  You all should be proud of CrossFit Sanctuary!