1. the quality or state of being strong, in particular.

  2. a good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing.

"the strengths and weaknesses of their sales and marketing operation"


strong point, advantage, asset, forte, aptitude, talent, skill;


"What Are Your Strengths?"

What is Strength…In the world of fitness and specifically our world of CrossFit, to determine strength we find ourselves measuring by the amount of weight we can lift and move, how fast we can go, how long we can last in a workout, etc. But in life, and even in CrossFit we can’t forget those other measurements that make us all strong individually and collectively. For instance, recognizing the strength it takes to do something you’ve never done before – like flip up on a wall upside down to do a handstand. For some this is an easy task, but for others, this is monumental, and somewhat scary and it should be celebrated like any other PR. It takes strength to push yourself in a workout, or make that decision to increase your weight as you strive to Rx a WOD. It takes a lot of strength to enter a competition for the first time, not knowing what to expect or how to even prepare. It takes great strength to check your ego when your coach recommends that you do the scaled version of the OPEN and not the RX. Or when your coach recommends what division you should register for in a competition – even when you don’t agree, you listen to him (thank you).

When we break down strength, it can be determined by so many factors. I have found that CrossFit workouts have a way to make you humble…and it takes an element of strength to dust yourself off and strive for greater. That humbleness should roll over into our everyday lives…as we engage with each other, support each other, and uplift each other. We, as a community stand so much stronger together…even in the moments when we don’t agree or get along. But there is bravery, there is strength in admitting that you were wrong, stepping up to be more understanding, demonstrating patience and compassion to our fellow athletes and the people we engage with along our journey. Also knowing that it takes a great deal of strength in allowing your community or someone else to help you. In short, our strength is our ability to stand together as a community.

The ‘Can’t Jar’ is getting pretty full, but lets think about the strength that can be found in the Can’t Jar – there is a strength in even knowing when you said you couldn’t do something and through trust, perseverance, and harassment from me…you achieve! Many of you still owe me a bag of Dark Chocolate M&M’s with peanuts, but I rather have your trust, your belief in yourself, and an openness to make yourself better not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. And it’s then, we truly find your strength.

‘Be Strong, for we are not here to play dream or drift

We have hard work to do and heavy loads to lift

Shun not the struggle for It’s God’s Gift

Be Strong!!