What a Wonderful Thing

What a Wonderful Thing – The Human Spirit!!! Last weekend our Community came together creating a force to impact the world! It may seem small compared to major philanthropic endeavors and other major charitable efforts, but what WE accomplished was amazing – and we had fun doing it. Through your generosity and compassion, we came together to make various donations: over $1000 to Faith RX’d ‘Naughty and Nice’ Event; we collected close to 300 toys to donate to Cohen’s Medical Center for Children of Northwell Health; and donated approximately $1000 to the Ronald McDonald House. All to make some child and/or family holidays a little brighter… and most of us got a good workout out of it all!! Despite all the turbulent things that are happening in this world, it’s good to know that we can come together for great causes and Be a Blessing to others, encourage each other, uplift each other…love each other. We need more love, Warriors!!! As we go into 2018 and work on ourselves be sure to work on loving more. Imagine how great our world would be if we did that!!!

Everyone have a Happy and Blessed Holiday!!!