I am blessed in so many ways!!! And I thank God for the blessings I’m aware of…and the ones I’m not aware of. I’m thanking Him now for having such a wonderful community of athletes at CrossFit Sanctuary!!

Just like last year, I’ve have been completely knocked off my feet in how amazing each one of you have been over the last six weeks! From the very first WOD of the CrossFit Open to this weekend’s 2nd Annual WODSTOCK Team Competition, I have seen Sanctuary rise to unbelievable heights:

Athletes rose to the occasion to participate in some of the most challenging WODS the OPEN has presented to us

Some of you participated in your first OPEN

Many of you PR’ing your lifts and performed way beyond what you could believe you could do

New friendships formed, old ones rekindled

The bonds within our community growing and becoming stronger

Our members giving support to each other inside and outside of the Box which has given ‘gym’ a new meaning.

Some tears, and out of those tears great victories

Teams pulling together to achieve absolutely amazing feats

As the OPEN ended, we engaged in what I would call the finale…”WODSTOCK 2018” where we as a Box mobilized to coordinate, host, and compete in an epic event in which I believe gave a stage for the ‘everyday’ CrossFit athlete who has the simple desire to be fit and better. Although it wasn’t the CrossFit Games, I saw more talent, athleticism, teamwork, drive, fight and passion that will rival any Games event! Some body call ESPN and let them know…they missed it!! Dave Castro you need to see this!!!

Way too many thank you’s, and I know I will miss someone in the process. But I will say none of this could have been possible ‘IF’:

IF YOU guys didn’t create teams to show the world how great our Box is;

IF YOU didn’t volunteer to be a judge or part of the pit crew!!! You guys did an unbelievable amazing job. Most of you judged heats back to back with no breaks – and for that I’m forever indebted and thank you for your efforts:

IF YOU guys didn’t give up your Saturday to host, move equipment, clean, set up, breakdown, drive trucks;

IF YOU guys didn’t contribute your talents and expertise (engineering, carpentry, nursing, photography, etc.);

IF YOU guys didn’t volunteer to make copies, run errands, feed the volunteers and the thousand other things it took to execute this event;

IF YOU guys didn’t come out and be a great spectators

ALL of you fall in so many of these categories, and because of YOU – I say thank you!!! And I love you!!!

Congratulations to you all and a special congratulations to all our teams that made the Podium!!

Who Rock? We Rock!!

CrossFit Sanctuary