Ann Feldstein, a marketing executive, always knew she would venture into the fitness industry in some way. This became a reality when she met Bernard Henry in the spring of 2011, changing her life forever. Just one year later, the doors to CrossFit Sanctuary opened. Ann always loved lifting weights, but struggled to stay committed to a regular gym schedule. Once she met “Coach Bernie” and his cult following, her commitment level was no longer an issue. Through the consistent support, strength and encouragement from her CrossFit family, she developed a new found love for her workout routine.

Ann loves the “No Man Left Behind” community that makes CrossFit, well CrossFit.She believes in paying it forward and hopes to inspire others to get involved in the sport, as Bernie did for her. In her spare time, she loves to travel, talk about CrossFit, and is a totally foodie!

Favorite WOD: DT

Favorite Movement: Hang Clean

Her favorite quote: “CrossFit is my therapy”

Credentials: CrossFit Level 1/ Owner