Rawya Khafaga began her relationship with fitness five years ago while taking intense cardio kickboxing and boot camp classes with Coach Bernard Henry. During that time, she was also personal training with a certified personal and group trainer. Rawya joined CrossFit after looking for a powerful exercise regimen without the cost of an accompanying personal training. She calls it love at first sight. Shortly thereafter, she attained a CrossFit Level 1 coach certification. Perhaps because she is a teacher by profession, even before her official certification, Rawya was “coaching” and encouraging others. She joined the staff of CrossFit Sanctuary in December 2013 and continues to coach, encourage, and share her passion for CrossFit with others.
 Favorite thing about CrossFit: She loves the camaraderie and heart that the coaches and members have as evidenced daily. She also loves that she has gotten over her fear of heights since the rope climbs!

Favorite WOD: EMOM strength WODs (anything with a bar)

Favorite Hero WOD: Victoria Soto Hero WOD … for obvious reasons

Favorite Quote: Her favorite quote comes from her colleague Jonelle Major…“We may not be the strongest box, but we have the most heart.” No truer words have been uttered.

Credentials:, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids,  NYS Certified Elementary School Teacher