Using fitness as therapy, Stephen wanted to stay healthy and keep in shape. It wasn’t until he met a group of crazy fitness fanatics that his view on training completely changed. Stephen quickly discovered how much fitness could help in all aspects of life; thus, his “call” to coaching was born. Through his association with Bernie Henry, a fellow coach, and his crazy ideas, he became a part of a team that started CrossFit Sanctuary. His managerial and organization skills that he developed from years of corporate work experience were pivotal in the foundation of the Box. His patience and desire to teach others naturally led him to become the head of Sanctuary’s Base Camp Program. Stephen always feels a sense of achievement when a member perfects a movement or accomplishes a Personal Record (PR), knowing that he was an integral part of that process. Every day, he feels blessed that he was able to touch lives and encourage others to reach their goals.

Favorite WOD: “Karen”

Favorite Movement: Hang Clean



CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids