Bernie’s Corner

'Behind the Blue Door'

  Behind the Blue Door Being a Coach at CrossFit Sanctuary is the only job I have ever had that I couldn’t wait to get up the next morning to go to work.  Not because everything was perfect and rosy, not because there are no issues or challenges, and certainly not because all of our members are cooperative and obedient.  But it’s another chance for me to witness so many wonderful things.  Behind that Blue Door, I have seen friendships flourished; I have seen people who never …

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"Let's Gather Around the Lieboard, I Mean the Whiteboard"

  “Let’s Gather Around the Lieboard, I Mean the Whiteboard” Since the very first time I began CrossFitting, the Whiteboard has been the center of all the athletes attention.  In most cases it indicates the WOD and warm up, and most of us draw our attention to the observable results of our fellow athletes.  There lies (no pun intended) the problem.  Although the purpose of the board is to track progress, reflect integrity, and accountability,  sometimes what is written an…

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'Best Day of My Life'

    About a year and half ago, one of our fellow athletes, Scott Harvey, walked into our Box.  As usual, and as  I ask all of you guys how are you doing, I asked him that question and Scott responded, “It’s the best day of my life.”   I was a little surprised by his response and asked what happened that day that was so special, which made it the best day of his life –  and he simply said, “I woke up this morning, nothing special, I have some challenge…

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What Is CrossFit – Volume 1

  Well, last week was a doozy!!!!  Question Mark Week – we have to do that again!!!  Please know, the point wasn’t to punish you guys for cherry picking WODS, or not looking at the movement clips that I attached to the WOD each day, and certainly not because you complain –  No, no, what kind of monster would I be if I did that! Can you honestly answer the question – What Is CrossFit?  Not your definition, but what CrossFit was meant to be – let me save you some time, thi…

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