Workout of the day

‘Weekend Pre Game’

Friday July 10, 2020

‘Weekend Pre Game’

Run/Walk 1 Mile

3 Rounds for Time:

30 Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings

30 Dips

30 Side Plank Pulse (15 left side/15 rt side)

30 Box Jumps/Step Ups


Thursday July 9, 2020


50-40-30-20-10 Rep Scheme

Push Ups

Lunge Jumps

Double Unders/Singles (Reps x 2)

Air Squat Jumps

‘No Such Thing As Normal’

Wednesday July 8, 2020

‘No Such Thing As Normal’

3 Rounds

Perform each movement 90 seconds/90 second break

Air Squats

Weighted Air Squats

Hand Release Push Ups with Rotation

Kettlebell Swing or Dumbbell/Odd Object Swing


Plank Jacks

Plank Toe Touches

Double Unders, Singles, or Jumping Jacks

‘Summer Kickoff’

Tuesday July 7, 2020

‘Summer Kickoff’

Buy In: 150 Jumping Jacks

8 Rounds for time:

13 Power Cleans (barbell 135/95 or lighter, Alt Dumbbell/Kettlebell, Odd Object)

13 Front Rack Lunges

13 Burpee Over Bar/Dumbbell/Odd Object

Run 100m

‘Post Independence’

Monday July 6, 2020

‘Post Independence’

Buy In: Run 400m, then 100 Butterfly Kicks

20 Dumbbell Alternating Snatches

20 Shoulder Press

20 Loaded Step Ups (use box, stairs, bench, chair with weight)

20 Vups

15 min AMRAP

Cash Out: Run 400m, then 100 Butterfly Kicks